WPPD in Amsterdam – An Update

Amsterdam again

Wow…WPPD 2014 in Amsterdam is happening (I first mentioned it here). We already have people coming from Portland, Oregon to shoot some pinhole, how awesome is that. So, if you plan to come, here’s how you can hook up with us!

First up, I’ve created a page on Facebook, so if we’re connected and you want to come then message me and all is good. Second, for those who don’t use Facebook, I’ve created an event on Eventbrite. There’s even a countdown and link somewhere to the right, you know…→ thataway.

Finally, Inge over at Pinholeobscura has created some amazing hints and tips, you can check those out here. Do and try and make it to Amsterdam if you can, it would be amazingly awesome to see you there.

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