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Whilst it seems like yesterday, it was in the middle of 2012 that I first mooted the idea of “The Amazing Travelling Film Swap.” It was a good idea, at least I think it was a good idea, and people joined. Disaster, however, has struck…the camera is missing and now (I fear) is presumed dead (meaning the image above is close to unique). But don’t worry…

…because I have a new camera and soon will relaunch “The Amazing Travelling Film Swap” (Part Deux). Keep an eye on; once the camera is built the call will go out for participants (at which point I’ll post the rules…there will be some new ones). I am going to give priority to the original participants, which I think is only fair. So, keep an eye out, I really hope you’ll want to play.

Katatumuri and Orlando

The image featured above is of the original camera and is copyright Ross Togashi (one of my first film swap co-conspirators) and is all rights reserved…don’t be naughty now!

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  1. Ross Togashi says:

    Hi Alex!

    Count me in!

    I will look forward to participating again in the travelling film swap. Pin swaps haven’t had much luck, as Jesús mentioned, so, let’s keep trying! :)

    ross :)

    ps to Jana – keep in touch!


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