Solargraphy workshop in Spain


Today’s post is about one of the more (to my mind) interesting aspects of pinhole photography…solargraphy. Solargraph exposures are measured in days, months or even years, and are designed to show the path of the sun. I shall post some of my own solargraphs in the future, but for those of you who want to know more immediately, there is a solution…and here it is.

Diego Calvin and Slawomir Decyk are two of the masters of this technique, and they are running a workshop in Spain in January for those who are keen to know more. The workshop will be held at Totestiu in Sumacarcer, just south of Valencia.

As I understand it, this first workshop may be mainly in Spanish so if you want to join and would be looking for an English language workshop then I suggest you get in touch with Diego and Slavo first. I’m told that there will be another workshop for the summer solstice next year, which may be in English!

Anyway, as well as kindly agreeing that I could share the image in this post (which is their copyright), Diego and Slavo have also agreed that I can post a translation of the details of the workshop…so here it is. All words beyond this point are not mine (and are the result of the use of a translation engine)!

The Workshop

Delivered by Diego Lopez Calvín and Sławomir Decyk. Two of the creators of “Project Solaris,” which names and popularizes Solarigrafía.

Full Workshop on Solarigrafía technique where we learn to build pinhole cameras can withstand years of weathering, supporting any negative climate and produce rich tone and contrast. Learn to treat well exposed photo paper and make correct scans or reproductions thereof. The workshop will combine traditional photographic processes in relation to other current digital technology. Work on techniques derived from pinhole photography and other relationships with experimental photography, which uses non-aggressive elements environment.

With slow Solarigrafía rehearse, learn to wait and forget, to get to see things that the naked eye can not. Perhaps as they would the stones or trees if they had eyes.

WORKSHOP PRICE: €270. Includes materials, accommodation and full board.

TO RESERVE: it is necessary to make a deposit in advance of €100. Request your assistance email: and give you directions. Places are allocated in order of booking.

Maximum number of participants: 15 people of all ages and does not require prior knowledge of photographic technique.

INFORMATION on the technique:

SCHEDULE guidance of the workshop:

Thursday January 2

  • Presentation and introduction to Solarigrafía.

Friday January 3

  • Construction of apparatus for Solarigrafía.
  • Walk to collect cameras placed six months of exposure especially for this event Xuquer River Dam and Sumacàrcer Bell. Cameras will post also built by the workshop participants.
  • Colloquium.
  • Scanning and processing of negatives obtained with the negative of the dam and the belfry.
  • Projected job obtained.

Saturday January 4

  • Preparation of camera obscura in an abandoned construction near the dam on the river Xuquer . Experiment with it to get an image on paper.
  • Solar Drawings.
  • Preparation of a pinhole camera to collect a single image during the course of a “Solar Walk.”
  • Audio Projection Solarigrafía related visual.

Sunday January 5

  • Solar Walk. Walk carrying a camera specially designed for this type of performance.
  • Collection and scanning of cameras placed by the participants.
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