Pinhole, Printed

Copyright Clint O'Connor

Copyright Clint O’Connor

Just a quick post today to note the increasing number of pinhole cameras being released through Kickstarter (other crowd-funding sites are available). Ondu Camera was an immense success and I know many Pinholistas are using and loving those cameras. At some point, Elvis and the Ondu crew will appear here…when I finally get my 35mm panoramic camera. However, this post is all about the Pinhole, Printed.

Nothing to me tells me how popular pinhole photography is than a successful crowd-fund. Obscura Book (again…more soon) got funded, Ondu got funded, an now Pinhole, Printed got funded in 13.5h. OK, their goal wasn’t huge but for a supposedly minority interest that just massively cool. But if they are funded, why post about them. Well for one they contacted Jana looking for publicity  and she sent them to me, and I’m only too happy to help. More importantly though, how cool does that camera look and how good are the results. If it were me (and it probably will be), I’d still spring for the plans and the complete kit of parts for just $29…it looks like a bargain to me. If you do invest (and for some reason I don’t…I will) why not share your experience here? Happy shooting my Pinholista chums!

Oh…the image above is clearly copyright of the Pinhole, Printed crew…be nice!

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