Of Competitions and Cameras

16744_002-0006Hey Pinholista, want to share your work with the world? You do, here’s how!

Curious Camera

The 6th annual Curious Camera competition is open, with a submission deadline of April 6th 2014. This is not a pinhole specific competition but the prizes are good and its great to see that the winning entries will be well printed and hung (to museum standard). There is an entry fee of US$10, which is not too bad considering the prizes and standard of display.

Pinhole Photo Contest

This one is being run out of Australia, and again has an entry fee (AUS$45) with a guarantee prize pool. Your entry fee gets you three entries, with images needing to be in one of three categories (Urban, Nature, Fine Art). I’d say check the T&Cs carefully as there are limits to what you can enter (no digital pinhole, limited post-processing). The closing date to enter is 31st May 2014, with all image submissions having to be made by 5th June (and this is in Australia!).

Pinhole London

There’s not much information about this on the website, other than details of the gallery where the exhibition will be staged, an e-mail address and a submission deadline (22 March 2014).

Charity Camera

There is a beautiful hand-made wooden pinhole camera being auctioned (on that auction site) for charity. The closing date is 14 March 2014 at about 16:45 UK time. The camera is made by a guy called Steve in Brighton and is being auctioned in aid of a Manchester hospice (a great cause). There are some example images taken with the camera in the listing, it really is a beauty.

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