Chris Hight

Hi Pinholista, please introduce yourself.

My Name is Chris Hight and I live near Carmarthen in West Wales

Tell us a little about the type of pinhole photography you enjoy.

My passion for photography started back when I was in school so I started photographic experience with film and only started using a digital camera but never really gave up film. I only use either medium format or large format film for pinhole photography and then only Black and White. In fact I have not used colour whether film or digital photography for over 10 years. Admin’s note, in contrast I very rarely shoot black and white, mainly because I am rubbish at it.

Y Capel 3

Do you ever shoot anything a little more unusual?

I am planning a series of one off photographs using direct positive paper. The idea of one image on one piece of paper as a counter point to multiple views on the internet appealing.

Do you use off the shelf cameras, home-made or a mix?

I am not practical enough to build my own( just ask my partner how good I am at hanging doors) so I use off the shelf and have a Zero 2000 for 120 film and a RealitySoSubtle 4×5 .

maen mawr in the mist

What’s your favourite camera to use and why?

I still feel I am learning with the 4×5 but I do love the Zero 2000 with its glossy wood and brass knobs. Admin’s note, ah the Zero…a wonderful piece of kit and something every pinhole photographer should try. 

How long have you shot pinhole?

I have been shooting pinhole photographs for about 4 years now.

Why did you start shooting pinhole and why?

I read an article about pinhole photography in a photography magazine and I was drawn to the subtlety of the images as compared to the crystal clear images of digital photography and I still enjoy using film so for me it was a winning combination.

Llyn y Fan Fach

You’ve given us a few images to share, tell us about them.

All the images I have shared are taken within South Wales some are from projects and some are individual photographs but all are connected by a Spirit of Place and an  interaction between the natural landscape and the people that create a cultural landscape.

Do you shoot individual images or do you work within themes or on projects?

I shot both individual images and I enjoy project. I enjoy the planning of a project but am still drawn to a scene or idea that does not fit into a project I am working on, though an individual image can be the starting point for a project

Have you ever exhibited your work?

I have shown some of my work in a local open art exhibition and this year I shall be entering 2 pinhole photographs in the Pwerdy Powerhouse Open Art Exhibition in the west Wales town of Llandysul  during August and I can be heard talking about 0ne of my photographs on the Ffoton Wales website in their one image gallery. Admin’s note, good luck to Chris, it would be great to think that pinhole images could be recognised amongst the other entrants…all fingers are crossed in this house.


Tell us about a great pinhole photographer.

There are so many but I particularly like Alastair Ross especially his Ties to the Land series.

Do you shoot other styles of photography?

I like to shoot other styles of photography and if you where to look in my camera bag when I am out and about you are likely to find a pinhole, a DSLR and an old TLR camera in there. Admin’s note, I’m happy to hear this, I also carry many different cameras and am increasingly drawn to mixing different styles in my projects (like The Edge of the World).

Assuming you do shoot other styles, do you prefer pinhole and if so, why?

I thoroughly enjoy the process of shooting pinhole photographs where the results are not always guaranteed.

llanfihangel Cowin

Finally, where can people see your work, do you have a website?

My pinhole and other photography can be seen on my website

Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your work with

As always, all work is the copyright of the interviewee, in this case Chris Hight, and must not be used without prior permission. If you’d like to be featured on Pinholista please get in touch via the contact page.

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