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Brandenburg 2

As I have mentioned previously, I took a short trip to Berlin to the opening of the Obscura Book show in Berlin. Of course, no trip to a new city would worthwhile without some time to shoot some pinhole. As well as that wonderful experience I also did something new (at least to me). I interviewed some of the Pinholistas that I met for the Pinhole Podcast.

That episode has just been released (and should be on iTunes), I’d really like to know what you think (with apologies in advance for the audio quality in places).

Spree in ice

I really should first of all thank the photographers I met in Berlin, those who I was able to interview and those who I just had a blast with. You really need to check out the work of these guys:

Kreuzberg canal

I should also name drop the other folks that I met (who may or may not also take photos…it was a bit of blur)…so many thanks to David and Petra. Finally of course the Obscura team deserve high praise for what they have achieved, thank you Mila, Larissa (again…and her sister for the lift), Fine, Eli, and Nadine. If you haven’t got the book yet then why not head off and get a copy now.Closed for winter

Mila and Eli were kind enough to take many of us on a photowalk despite the late hour and partying after the vernissage. That’s when I made some of the images shown in this post and also when I made the recording for the podcast. I have to say the recording was an interesting and new experience. I really didn’t know how it would turn out, and I certainly have a lot to learn about getting good sound (a new microphone is on order). Fortunately though, everyone I interviewed was kind enough to spend some time with me, and really enthusiastic about pinhole photography, which made the process really easy.

Pinholistas with coffee

Fuelled with coffee, spaetzle and beer the interviews were a blast to make and I really hope that the enthusiasm and skill of the photographers will come across when you (I hope) listen to the podcast. I also hope you like the images I managed to make in between all the other excitement. I can definitely recommend a trip to Berlin, but to make the most of it you need to hook up with some awesome Pinholistas…honestly, it was a truly wonderful few days. Thanks again to all again who made it possible, and to A for her patience in letting me jet off again. Happy shooting!

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  1. benjaminpostlewait says:

    Absolutely no offense intended, but every time I cue up an episode it gets interrupted by one means or another. I’ve got some time before work here so I’ll have another go at it and let you know!

    • admin says:

      Cool thank you (and no offence taken – we’ve all got more important things to do than listen to podcasts – like making pictures)


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