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James Guerin

Well known to many as a maker of very fine cameras, James is also an accomplished pinhole photographer with a great experimental edge to much of his work. Read on and be amazed…

Nils Karlson

…and he we are with another Pinholista interview, this time the rather brilliant Nils Karlson. With a book coming up soon, and some wonderful images to share, this is (I believe) another great profile. But don’t let me tell you what to think, read on and judge for yourself.

Todd Schlemmer

Ah…Todd Schlemmer, the Schlem…an evil genius who you may know for his magnificent 3D printed camera designs (and really they are magnificent). What may be less well know is that the Schlem is also a damn fine pinhole photographer. He tends to hide that light under a bushel but no more…here is a profile of Todd, accompanied by some wonderful images.

Nigel Breadman

Another Pinholista profile, this time of Nigel Breadman. Come inside to see pinhole photographs of the Kent coast, including origami pinhole!!!