A pinhole filmswap with Falling Through The Lens


Falling Through The Lens (hereafter known as FTTL) is an incredible photographer and if you don’t already know her work then I’d really encourage you to take a look at her website. I was privileged to collaborate with FTTL on a pinhole filmswap, and here are the results of one of the rolls.

For those of you who are asking what a pinhole filmswap is and how you do it, this gives me a great opportunity to give you the lowdown.

  • First – find a photographer to collaborate with, most Pinholistas I know will love to do this with you
  • Decide on film format, type, ISO etc (generally I have shot 120, and most filmswaps result in two rolls being exchanged, one colour and one B&W – but there are no hard and fast rules)
  • Shoot, remembering to underexpose by one stop (this is important as it gives the best chance of getting the multiple exposure effect)
  • Re-roll the film (ideally before mailing it)
  • Mail your film to your collaborator (who will hopefully be mailing a roll to you at the same time)
  • Shoot the second roll (re-rolling first if needed, and underexposing)
  • Develop and marvel at the results

When I’ve participated in filmswaps, I have never shared any details of what I have shot with my collaborators, this makes the results all the more surprising. Sometimes, like in this roll, the results can be very subtle and it takes a while to separate the two images…even if you can do that. It might be though that you really end up with a strong contrast between the two images. Either way, the results are exciting and I’d really recommend you giving this a go (if you want any more tips please feel free to contact me). There’s a pinhole filmswap group on Flickr if you want to see more results.

My thanks again to FTTL for collaborating with me on this spot, in this case images are copyright by both of us (all rights reserved) and should not be used without prior permission. Happy Shooting!

Denmark – Part 1

Zero Image 6x9 MF loaded with #

A and I went to Denmark at the beginning of September but I’m just getting round to posting some images…sorry about that! This first set were taken on the island of Bornholm and all, to a greater or lesser extent, feature the sea.

I can highly recommend a visit to Bornholm, its an incredibly beautiful spot with wonderful countryside, amazing food and lovely people. Most of these shots were taken very close to our hotel (Stammershalle Badehotel) which as well as being beautiful had an incredible restaurant with some of the tastiest bread I have ever eaten (and I eat and bake a lot of bread).

So, take a look at the shots below, hopefully they give some measure of the beauty of the island. I hope you enjoy!

Post One

For too long I’ve been promising that I would start up a site dedicated to pinhole photography but I’ve been way too lazy busy to do that; its finally here. I’ve been a bit lost with what I really want to do with this site. For a long time I really wanted this site to be a resource for pinhole photographers (or Pinholistas as I prefer to call them) everywhere and I wasn’t really planning on featuring much of my own work. Then I thought that this site could just be a personal blog and would not really do much more. Now I think I’ll just wait and see how the site evolves. I don’t really have a strong motive, there are things I would like to do (see the About page for how you can help) but if they don’t happen I’m not going to be too worried.

One thing is for sure though, I will be using this site to post the majority of my pinhole shots. I’m getting less enthusiastic about posting them elsewhere either due to a reduction in the community, crazy terms of service or general apathy. Talking of community, I can’t tell you how long I agonised about the links to my Pinholista friends…have I captured everyone, who have I missed (I did almost forget Square Peg Pinhole, which would be link a priest forgetting the Pope). If I missed you, or if you don’t want to be linked then please let me know…it really isn’t deliberate (whatever it is). Anyway, enough whining, I hope you’ll enjoy this blog…I’ll post some stuff and feature some other stuff, sometimes it will be regular, other times, well you know how it is. Happy shooting Pinholistas, stop reading now and get out there with a camera.