Hello and welcome to the beginnings of the new Pinholista.

The site was originally the personal project of Alex Yates and he did a sterling job corralling pinholers, interviewing them, testing gear and films and getting stuff uploaded and shared.  I’m not made of such tough stuff so the site will be the product of collaboration between what I can do and guests who I hope will shine some light around pinhole photography instead of just at it not least because there are plenty of other places you can go for more consistent expertise than you are ever going to get from me.

Every couple of months or so there will be a guest editor. They will say something about their work which they will also show and contribute work by other practitioners they feel should be presented.  This may not always be exclusively pinhole. I have several kilos of camera based hardware, some of which have show stopper optics, swedish and japanese precision engineering and I use them. Nevertheless, much of my own work is done without them because the pinhole has its own look and feel predicated on the lack of viewfinder, lens and metres of gaffa tape because I reasoned that most other pinholers do a lot of thinking too and so the thrust of the site is going to be the why as much as the how.

The first guest editor is going to be Natalie Keymist.  I really like her work because she uses photography in all manner of sensitive and interesting ways.  The new site will be fully operational at the start of May