A place abandoned

Somewhere in Norfolk there is a place abandoned. Its in the middle of a forest, you have to work a little hard to get there but its a good place. At least I think its a good place, at times when I was there I wasn’t quite so sure.


I first starting obsessing about this abandoned scrapyard when I began seeing images made here in various guises on the internet. I realised I had to visit, and after a bit of research I figured out the spot and how to get there. Of course I could tell you where it is, but that would spoil the fun somehow…but I’m sure you can find it.


What I wasn’t prepared for when I visited was the memories that seemed to weigh the place down. Its an incredible spot, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what there is to photograph, mainly because I didn’t want to leave the path, at least I didn’t want to lose sight of it. I told myself that I was being sensible, there’s a lot of rotten metal and accidents waiting to happen around every corner. I’m not sure that’s the full story though.


Firstly, the vehicles showed their original purpose and there was lots of evidence of the businesses that employed them, many years ago. From local building firms to the Navy, all signs of life were there. Then there was the buildings, what looked like once beautiful farm buildings are slowly returning to the trees. Roofs have collapsed, walls look like they will follow suit soon…and yet there were signs of more recent life (like Santa here).


The wind was blowing as well, and there’s nothing more unnerving than hearing scratching noises from behind you as you’re concentrating on making another long exposure, miles from your own car. I’m pretty certain it was just twigs scratching on metal but imagination began to run riot. I’ve promised myself I’ll go back, and I left my own ghost behind to keep the others company. Hopefully they’ll welcome me again next time and I’ll be encouraged to explore beyond the path.


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