A pinhole filmswap with Shimmering Grains

There are some photographers who constantly amaze me with their work, and Marie Westerbom is one of those. I was privileged to do a filmswap with Marie, and the results are pretty interesting…at least I think so. I also swapped a black and white, infrared roll with Marie, you can see the results on her Lenslessness blog…right here.

Shimmering Grains - Swap 6

What’s interesting about pinhole filmswaps is the way that some results just show the image made by one photographer, but with just a hint of the collaboration. In my experience this tends to be the first photographer who exposed the film, as is the case here.

Shimmering Grains - Swap 2

At other times you can tell the image is the result of a multiple exposure, but the result is confusing. I’d put the above in this category, I like the result a lot but I’m struggling to decipher what I shot and what Marie shot. It might not help that my recording keeping for this roll was less than ideal.

Shimmering Grains - Swap 3

Then, as you explore further into the roll of film things begin to resolve, like this path from Norfolk leading into the Swedish tower. The trees in both images seem to blend as if to suggest both shots were made at once, not many days and miles apart.

Shimmering Grains - Swap 5


At last though, serendipity strikes, the perfect balance of exposure, subject and a good dose of luck. These last two images are my favourites from the roll. The waterways of the Norfolk broads appear in the Swedish forest. You can’t plan this, it happens…sometimes…and when it happens its somehow magical.

Many thanks to Marie for this collaboration, for the friendship, and for the wonderful images you make. Happy shooting to you all.

Shimmering Grains - Swap 4

Another pinhole filmswap with Falling Through The Lens

I’ve previously posted some black and white shots made as a collaboration with the very wonderful Falling Through the Lens (which you can take a look at here). I’ve also shown you some of her amazing images as one of my featured Pinholistas. Now and, I have to say, finally, I’m finally getting round to posting the results of another filmswap.

FTTL - colour - 1

These images were made at the same time as the first filmswap, but this time they are in colour. The first images were made in San Francisco (or near as dammit) and the second at the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

FTTL - colour - 2

The UEA (as it is known) is a bit of a 1960s concrete behemoth, but its charming in its own way. Actually, the ziggurats, inspired by Babylon, are really quite special.

FTTL - colour - 4

What is also special is the amazing sculpture dotted around the campus (its a campus University). Most are part of a gift from the great British sculptor Henry Moore and they really are quite marvellous. Also in the grounds is a beautiful lake where I used to watch Great Crested Grebes as a kid.

FTTL - colour - 3

I have a couple more filmswaps to post before I finally catch up and feel I can post some of my solo work again. In the meantime, Happy Shooting!

FTTL - colour - 5

Oh, one final thing to add. I’ve not posted some of the images that were made as a result of this collaboration due to the hideous amount of dust and drying marks left on the film by the lab I used (you can see some on a few images posted here). In this day and age there is absolutely no excuse for this…labs – clean your stuff!!!

FTTL - colour - 6