Denmark Part 4 – Copenhagen (and environs)

Hmm, it seems to have been a little while since I have updated Pinholista and it’s pretty clear that I have a huge backlog of images to load. I guess that will keep me going for a while, to be honest I’ve not shot much pinhole for a while. Work is really to blame, I’ve been travelling a lot and exhausted most weekends since I last posted on here.

Anyway, the good news is you get another set of images from Denmark, and I think this might be the last set (although I’ve got some individual ones I still might share). After we left Bornholm we spent a few days in Copenhagen to finish our holiday.


I think its fair to say that we didn’t enjoy Copenhagen as much, but that was really due to Bornholm being so superb. We did manage to go to Tivoli (but no pinholes) and took a boat tour in the harbour, which was great. I’m amazed you can see the guy in the red sweater though, he didn’t sit down for the whole trip.

Red sweater

We did manage to make it to the very wonderful Louisiana museum, in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Its a must visit if you are in the area, some wonderful permanent exhibits and they also seem to have great temporary shows (although when we visited the show was by Yoko Ono – I’m not sure I enjoyed it). The cafe is great as well, as is the sculpture in the garden, although apparently it’s pretty hard to pinhole (I was sure I’d get it all in the frame…so it goes).

Almost art

On the Sunday A and I took a walk through Copenhagen to visit CPH Zoo, which we had enjoyed last time we visited. This time however the walk was probably more enjoyable than the zoo itself. I know it does great work (and I don’t have a problem with zoos as I think they can be a great educational resource, as well as an environmental benefit) but for some reason the atmosphere didn’t seem so good. We did, however, enjoy the wonderful park on the way to the zoo, it was good to see others had enjoyed it too.

Partied hard

The fountain in the park was most impressive as well, and makes a fitting end to this post (the first image is from the Carlsberg brewery by the way). I hope you’ve enjoyed this, I’ll try and update more frequently as we head into autumn.