WPPD in Amsterdam – An Update

Amsterdam again

Wow…WPPD 2014 in Amsterdam is happening (I first mentioned it here). We already have people coming from Portland, Oregon to shoot some pinhole, how awesome is that. So, if you plan to come, here’s how you can hook up with us!

First up, I’ve created a page on Facebook, so if we’re connected and you want to come then message me and all is good. Second, for those who don’t use Facebook, I’ve created an event on Eventbrite. There’s even a countdown and link somewhere to the right, you know…→ thataway.

Finally, Inge over at Pinholeobscura has created some amazing hints and tips, you can check those out here. Do and try and make it to Amsterdam if you can, it would be amazingly awesome to see you there.

Zero Image Exposure Guides

Exposure Guide - Zero 2000

By popular demand…and because I can’t really find them on my Tumblr anymore…here are my Zero Image Exposure Guides. Please feel free to download but don’t distribute without crediting me. Oh, and definitely no selling these, OK…good!

I created these guides to carry around in my bag when taking my Zero Image pinhole cameras out shooting. There are two, one for the Zero 2000 and one for the Zero 6×9. I used the calculations on Mr Pinhole (a total legend, thank you!) and the reciprocity calculations available on the manufacturer’s websites.

The left column is the measured exposure at f8, the second column is the calculated exposure at the camera’s f stop, with no reciprocity applied. The final columns are exposures for various common films. I have not road tested these in great detail so you use at your own risk (and my calculations might be duff!).

The films that the guides include are:

  • Fuji Reala 100
  • Fuji Pro 160C
  • Fuji Pro 160NS
  • Kodak Portra 160
  • Kodak Ektar 100
  • Kodak TMax 100
  • Ilford Delta 100
  • Ilford Pan F 50
  • Fuji Acros 100

Exposure Guide - Zero 6x9

Silverprint Pinhole Workshop


Just a quick post today to mention the Silverprint Pinhole Workshop, to be held in London on 16 November. For those of you who don’t know, Silverprint is an awesome shop with loads of great gear for photographers. They have a good stock of pinhole cameras, including the peerless Zero Image cameras, of which I have two. Anyway, to book the workshop, please go here. Logo above copyright of the event organisers…hope they don’t mind me using it!

Nicolas Turlais


So here it is, my second featured Pinholista post and I have to say I am really excited about this one. One thing that I really hoped would happen when I launched Pinholista.com was that the site would allow me to see and introduce work by pinhole photographers who I was not previously familiar with. As such, I was delighted when Nicolas got in touch with me via the contact form. So, on with the show!

Hi Pinholista, please introduce yourself.

My name is Nicolas Turlais, I live in Clamart, France.

Tell us a little about the type of pinhole photography you enjoy.

I’m interested in homemade stuff, so I build my own pinholes & develop films at home (mainly black & white). The most part of my pinhole photos are “wide angle landscapes”.

It may sound a bit paradoxical but I think i’m looking for the sharpest pinhole image. Admin’s note, this is actually not that unusual as many Pinholista I know really want a sharp image, which is perhaps surprising to folks who don’t shoot pinhole regularly.

Do you ever shoot anything a little more unusual? 


Do you use off the shelf cameras, home-made or a mix?

Only homemade, and yes we can think of a post about building techniques. Admin’s note, excellent, and let this be a first call to anyone who reads this…your contributions regarding camera construction would be brilliant.

What’s your favourite camera to use and why?

Not a pinhole, I’m in love with at least 4 cameras but my fav may be my rangefinder Bessa R3a with a 21mm lens (which is not really adapted to the body). The Bessa is light, thin, and has aperture priority mode, the 21mm is ok because you can use hyperfocal (don’t have to focus). Using both the camera and lens they makes a cool of point & shoot camera. Sadly I broke my Bessa this summer, under the storm.

Admin’s note…OK, so this might be a pinhole blog but let’s just pause a moment to praise the CV 21mm, I love mine (oops, now you know I also shoot with lenses!). Let’s also show some sympathy for Nicolas, there is nothing worse than losing or breaking a camera, and we’ve all done it (I cried when I broke a Zero!).

How long have you shot pinhole?

Between 3 and 4 years

Why did you start shooting pinhole and why?

I wanted to experiment the most things possible in analog photography, in addition I like to tinker, that’s how it started. My first pinhole was made in a tea box. Now i build them from PVC or medium (wood composite (?))…Admins note, in the UK we would call this MDF!

You’ve given us a few images to share, tell us about them. 

Admin’s note…Nicolas actually asked me to select the images from his website to be shown here. Its kind of a big responsibility doing this, you could almost call it curating the images. I’ve picked a variety of shots, starting with three incredible alpine landscapes (I particularly like the two panoramic shots). For the remainder I’ve gone with seascapes that either have a really strong use of colour or a great graphical quality. I hope you like them, and more importantly I hope Nicolas is happy with my choices.

Do you shoot individual images or do you work within themes or on projects?

I shoot individual images, but often the same type, black & white mountains landscapes (and sea, when i’m lucky enough to see the sea).

Have you ever exhibited your work?

Yes I took part in the “International pinhole photography exhibit” in 2012 in Barcelone and in Le Bourget (near Paris).

Tell us about a great pinhole photographer.

Patrick Caloz

That’s Black and White !

Do you shoot other styles of photography?

No other style, but I also use other cameras, an Hasselblad 500CM (for landscapes too), and an Agat 18k (for summer holiday photos), which made cheap half format picture, I always use colour film with this last one.

Finally, where can people see your work, do you have a website?

Photos can be seen on my blog and on Flickr.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your work with pinholista.com

Thanks for showing it :)

I hope you all enjoyed Nicolas’ work, and don’t forget to get in touch if you would like to be featured. All works are copyright of Nicolas Turlais, please respect this!